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Sanitize Post or Disconnect

Prior to attaching the gas disconnect to the post, do you sanitize these?

What about liquid disconnect to the post?

Never have. Wouldn’t hurt it if you did.

Agree. Sometimes a little water helps ease the parts together if you have it handy. Keeping everything cold helps.

Hmmmm. It has never even crossed my mind to sanitize the gas hardware. Still think I’ll skip it.

I’ve recently started dipping gas QDs in StarSan right before kegging. Not necessary, but peace of mind after reading about mold growth in them.
You also know right away if you have a leak.

I give them a spray of Star San not just for sanitation purposes but so they slip on easier.

Same here!

Same here![/quote]
And the same here.

Same here![/quote]

Here too.
No special treatment other than that.

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