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I saw a you tube video a while back about re using Star San. The video showed someone using a bucket of water and Star San that had been sitting in his garage for about a 3 months. He said that the sanitizer would still be good to use if it had a certain PH level. 3 or less. Just wondering what people think about this.

That is 100% true.

Use distilled water to mix up your batch. It will last for months, easily the three months referenced.

Rather than asking a unknown group of people what they think about what you viewed on youtube, you should asked the manufacture.

Here is a March 29,2007 Basic Brewing podcast with Charlie Tally, the creator of StarSan. The 1st portion is about using bleach for a sanitizer. Starting at the 28 minute mark he discusses StarSan. ... radio-2007

I reuse mine for 5-6 batches (brewing and bottling). Usually after that I will mix a fresh batch,I have the strips to test it, but for me I just like to refresh it now and then.

I keep a tub in my basement and reuse it - generally for a month or two at time before making up a new batch.

i will reuse at least for several months, but each time I use it, I use my double screen and filter any hairs or bits out

I mix a batch when I am cleaning after brewing. when i am all finished I pour the santitizer into an empty keg and store it there until the next batch when I am sanitizing to start brewing. I then pour it in the bucket and throw all the equipment in it after prewashing. that way my keg is clean and sanitized and ready to recieve the new batch.

I reuse for about 6-8 batches or until it starts to look dirty

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