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I have had a batch of Oktoberfest that was undrinkable, did not have a favorable aroma but a rank odor and a horrible taste. I have identified some issues I may have and one is obviously sanitation or cleaning the bucket. After that batch I have begun filling the bucket with water and a cup of bleach which I left sit for two days or so then I poured the bleach out and rinsed. Before pouring the wort in I sanitized my bucket a second time hopeing that my Scottish wee Heavy will be all right. What are some methods of sanitation employed by others?

If you’ve only been using bleach, I’d say it’s time to move on to starsan or iodophor. No-rinse sanitizer will change your life, no joke.

Bleach can be made into a no rinse sanitizer. Listen to the March 29, 2007 pod cast. ... radio-2007

But, StarSan and Iodophor are great products that don’t cost much either.

Both have some safety concerns. StarSan will eat your counter tops in the concentrated form. So handle over a sink. Iodophor will stain items in the concentrated form. Again, handle over a sink.

Edit: A happy wife is a happy brewer. Don’t ruin the counter tops! Unless you are looking to remodel the kitchen :wink:

Not any chance you are fermenting in a bucket with a spigot is there? Spigots are a good source for problems.

I would also stay away from bleach if you can. Star San isn’t all that expensive and seems to do a great job. Have you checked your bucket for scratches if it is plastic?

StarSan!!! Agreed it will change your whole outlook on sanitizing.

Buckets are prone to getting scratches. Don’t use them to store equipment, and don’t nest them, as these practices can scratch them. Also be careful with cleaning so as to not scratch them.

One more thing - make sure you are using a big health yeast culture, which can help nasties from getting a foothold at the start of fermentation.

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