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Sanitation of Strainer?

Just brewed the Dry Dock Pale Ale, and I think because I used Whirlfloc for the first time, I got way more break material than I’m used to. To combat this, I last minute decided to use a large, fine-mesh grain bag (BIAB size and style) to strain some of it out. It was washed in the dish washer a couple weeks ago after its last use, but I only dipped it in Starsan solution to sanitize it. Now I’m worried this might be the source of some infection? Thoughts?

Is there any evidence of infection?

The risk of infection is going to be most influenced by something you didn’t mention. How was that bag stored between the wash in the dishwasher, and the eventual dunk in starsan?

If it was in a vacuum sealed bag, then the risk is close to zero. If you had it soaking in stagnant pond water, then the odds are close to perfect. I’m betting you did something in-between.

I think the OP is just worried that since the bag was just dipped in star san that it could cause an infection. Like previously mentioned, unless you did something totally off the wall with it a dunk in star san would be fine and I doubt you will end up with infection.

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