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Sampled 1st bottle of Homebrew!


I sampled my first bottle tonight. Not bad, tastes good. Only been in bottle one week. I’d expect one more week in the bottles will make it better, would this be safe to assume?

3 weeks is even better than 2.

What beer is it?

Do you have your next batch in the fermenter already?

I was logging onto this forum to post my excitement about trying my first bottle of home brew tonight, and I found this post. SO you definately know what I’m feeling. Mine was good too after only a week in the bottle, but I think it could carbonate a little more. Clear, and tastey though. My father and wife both approved too. I made the Irish Red. Next up is Sweet Stout. Congrats to you on your first brew!!!

Thanks everyone,

I brewed the Dunkelweiss from NB. I do agree maybe letting it mellow for another week or two. My wife tasted it, but didn’t like it. Well, more for me.

My wife is not a beer drinker, but to my surprise she picked out the next brew, American Amber Ale.

Congrats on your first! Yes, it should improve everyday…and in a month it will be incredible (but it’s hard to wait that long…especially before you have lots of beer in the pipeline) Enjoy that first beer and get the next one in the fermenter! Cheers! :cheers:

and then when you’re sick like me, you’ll have 6 on tap and another 18 kegs in the cooler waiting to be tapped, and wonder if you have enough. :shock:

Congrats! Now leave it alone for at least 2 more weeks


I put mine in the closet and don’t open the first for three weeks.

I celebrated the Memorial Day Holiday weekend sampling my first batch of homebrew as well. i tried it after a week just cuz i wanted to learn more about the process… then put it away for another 3 weeks. 4 weeks the beer is heaven. drank half my batch while brewing my second batch with friends while the wives gossiped.

I think the real point is not to drink it all right away (yes it is hard to do!)

You should absolutely taste it as time goes by, to learn how the beer matures in the bottles, and to gauge how the flavors meld. Just hold back - it will get better.

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