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Sample tastes great...but....FG 1.024

I wanted to come up with a nice malty, complex flavored English Old Ale to celebrate 11-11-11 that pushed the upper limits of an Old Ale with a 1.080OG and the use of my homemade candi syrup to increase flavor and gravity. I’m a fan of the slightly sweeter grains, so a fair amount of specialty grains were in order. With 12% Munich, 7% Honey malt (which I love) and 7% of some crystal (60 & 80), I thought I’d have enough residuals to really give some nice body and a malty sweetness. Hop variety is not as important, as the relative balance and aging process negate much of the varietal character of the hops-still, it’s best to stick with a UK blend. “311 In Progress” is a law enforcement code meaning having different connotations in different states. For me, it’s an oLD ale that may well be my first served on cask at some point in 2012. Here’s my Grist:
11.00 lb Pale Malt, Maris Otter
1.75 lb Munich Malt
1.00 lb Honey Malt
0.50 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L
0.50 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L
1 pint homemade candi sryup-dark 10 min
2.00 oz UK Kent Goldings 60 min 5.8%AA
.25 oz Willamette 60 min 4.7%AA
1.00 oz UK Kent goldings 15 min
.25 Willamette 15 min 4.7% AA
1.25 oz Styrian Goldings flameout

Target OG 1.080
Actual OG 1.076 (the result of mashing in a bit high)
Target FG 1.020
actual fg 1.025-actually brewed this 10/30…
am i done???

sorry, used 2 packets s-04, one re-hydrated, the other sprinkled on top of the wort after aerating.

I’d say you’re done if that final gravity reading has been constant over a week’s time. FG is also influenced by the yeast strain you chose to use.
I pretty routinely have 1.080-1.090 ales end up around 1.020 or thereabouts (and I like them that way).
The Caramel/Crsystal malts could contribute some unfermentables so that may be a factor.

Short answer: if the FG reading is steady and you like the way it tastes…it’s done! And if it tastes good now, it’ll likely taste even better a few months down the line.

I think it’s done, and it should turn out tasting fine. S-04 yeast is not the greatest attenuator. I would be surprised if it attenuated 75% as you expected, or even 70% with all that crystal and honey malt you have in there. I don’t think 1.024 is too sweet for an old ale anyway. It’s fine. It’s done. Enjoy it.


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