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Same Yeast for A Dubble and Triple?

I keg all of my beer, 50 batches and never a bottle. There are lots of beer styles I like but not 5 gallons at a time so I am going to make some 1 gallon batches and put them in swing top bottles. I’d like to save some money when doing this which would mean using the same yeast in several batches. Is there a yeast that I could use for both a Dubble and a Triple?

I’m thinking you could use any Belgian variety for both.
I plan on a ‘Patersbier’ and a ‘Triple’ using yeast that I will (hopefully) culture out of 2 bottles of Unibroue ‘La Fin du Monde’ that I hope to enjoy with family at Thanksgiving. Danstar’s Belle Saison dry yeast will be my backup in case I screw up.

Yup, that’s how it’s done. Go for it.

WY3787 is perfect for both dubbel and tripel.

[quote=“Denny”]WY3787 is perfect for both dubbel and tripel.[/quote]+1

+2. If you’ve never made Patersbier, I highly recommend it. Brew that one up first, and then split the yeast cake for your bigger beers.

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