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Same batch 2 different colors?

But you apparently can’t see the temp range for ales because the picture cuts it off. Probably the same temp.

Did not run the grist through any software but I would think the SRM of that grainbill would be lighter unless the Carastan could color it that much.

Just leave it alone.

Looking at the grain bill I see nothing that brings that much color to the table. Maybe the sugar burned? Even so, I second the “leave it alone” until it’s time for a hydrometer reading. You can taste the sample then. If it’s trub or yeast it should clear over time. If it’s not then you can taste it to see if there’s something wrong with it. RDWAHAHB

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Its a issue. But. The transfer done. So i would let it stand longer. See how it clears out.

Oxidation will certainly darken a beer’s color and given your process on this batch it’s more than possible but I agree there seems to be more yeast and trub in suspension in one fermenter. I WOULD NOT transfer either beer again.

I never rule out a beer until it’s finished so I’d just let them sit until you’ve reached terminal gravity before packaging. Taste will be the final judge.

What’s the verdict?

Letting it sit till this weekend. Then I’ll sample, read gravities and add dry hops. I’ll update thread with findings.


Both taste the same. Really good. Same gravities. Colors are a little closer. I think I got nervous over nothing.

Clearly there is much more trub in the fermenter on the left. This would have explained the color difference.

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