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Sam Adams Contest, I need your help!

Hey fellow homebrewers! I need your help!!! I have a chance to travel to Boston and brew at Sam Adams. I am a finalist for the come brew with us contest. Voting ends on the 30th and I will know if I won on May 1st. I am one of 25 finalists for a Sam Adams contest. It is a really big deal and I need your votes so I can travel to Boston and brew with them. Here is how you can vote for me.

  1. Go to this Facebook page on a laptop or desktop, it doesn’t play nice with phones.
  1. Click the like button.
  2. Go to the “Come Brew With Us” tab on the middle of the right side of the page.
  3. Enter your zip code. Use the “app” Some times you have to put your zip in twice.
  4. Vote! I am Matt H. in the Mid-American region, you can vote for 1 person per region.
  5. Pat yourself on the back for helping me out!!!
    Thanks everyone, please share and have everyone you know vote for me!!!

Can you tell us a bit more about why we should vote for you (or your beer)? Not familiar with that contest.

You bet… I have been a homebrewer for about 15 years. I share everything i brew and try to pull new folks into the hobby. I am honestly very lucky to be included in the final 25 and one of five from my region. I lurk around here all the time… I am super excited about the chance to travel to Boston for the first time and brew with the guys from Sam Adams. I cant believe that I have a chance to do this… AMAZING!!! The contest is not a homebrew contest even though most of the folks that have made it thru seem to brew. I guess the main reason to vote for me is that I am a teacher by trade and hobby and I love to educate and learn. Brewing in Boston really plays into what I love to do… learn and teach… Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the votes, just a few more hours!!! I will take any vote I can get!!! Thanks everyone!

I won my region!!! I now get to go brew in Boston!!! Thanks everyone for the votes and the help… THANKS!!!

congrats! that’s awesome!

I’m happy for ya you lucky dog.

What are you going to brew? Way to represent. See if you can slip something extra special into that batch!

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