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Saison Yeast Blending

Does any one see an issue blending the 3711 French Saison and the 3724 Belgian? I was thinking the 3724 would add some esters and the 3711 would help to finish out the beer without the need to use extreme heat? Thoughts?

No I don’t see a prob with that. In fact I think I read somwhere that it helps to pitch another yeast with 3724 to avoid the higher heat.
What I would do, is start with the 3724 and when it gets close to stalling out (I think I read 1.020) pitch a big healthy slurry of the 3711 to help it finish. I would also raise the temps slightly, say up to 75*.

There’s no problem with blending yeasts. I do it frequently.

That being said, I don’t think you necessarily need to assume that 3724 is going to stall. I’ve used it several times and never had a problem. I’ve even fermented with it in the middle of winter with fermentation temps in the low 60s. If you treat it right (fresh yeast, starter, etc.) you shouldn’t have a problem.

Sounds good guys. I think thats the road I will travel… I know 3711 is quite fruity. I guess I dont want that much fruit and would like some tartness and peppery flavor.

I don’t find any hint of fruitiness with 3711. Nice notes of pepper. But I ferment in the mid/low 60’s with it and have no issues with it stalling out.

That’s been my experience as well when fermenting in the low/mid 60s with 3711. It’s a lot fruitier at higher temps.

FWIW, I like 3724 much better than 3711, regardless of fermentation temp.

I like the way 3711 dries out the beer and is a fast attenuator…

I pitched both. Rocked from 1.048 to 1.011 in 4 days and still going. I hope we drop down in the 1.005 or so range. The sample was nice and peppery. A little funky aroma. Im very optimistic. I used a recipe from the mad fermentationist. It uses flaked spelt in place of flaked wheat. I also used 6 row and flaked corn. Cannot wait to chill this beotch!

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