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Saison w/ Bret bottling

I started a Saison a few weeks back using the WYeast French Saison yeast. It fermented nicely in the primary for almost two weeks, then I racked it to secondary. When I racked it, I added some built up residue from a bottle of the Boulevard Bret conditioned Saison. Now it’s been sitting for a couple weeks at about 66F.

I’ve never brewed with Bret before, or with Saison yeast, and am concerned about bottling properly. First, when do I bottle? If I bottle too soon, I run risks of bottle bombs as the Bret keeps eating up extra stuff.
Second, do I add the same amount of sugar when bottling?
Third, how do I make sure there is awake S. Cerevisiae when bottling to get the right carbonation, and that they haven’t all fallen asleep, since the sugar content in the secondary is low and they like it on the warmer side?

Any thoughts would be very helpful!

Wait at least 3-4 months, then bottle as normal.

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