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Saison spice leftovers

I brewed a Saison yesterday and added 4gms black pepper and 3.5gms coriander seeds @ 5mins, and 1oz orange zest @ FO. I ended up with about a quart or a little more left over after I had transferred to my carboy, pitched my yeast etc. I just decided to pour out the little bit of remaining wort and then realised as I was doing this, that a lot of the spices and zest were in there! Will this have a big effect on the over all flavour or will they have done their main job when they were added to the boil kettle?

Whatever was added to the boil has made its contribution. If you think it needs more after tasting, you can add after primary or to the keg, if you keg.

I generally add to the keg when using spices.

Great, thanks. It’s bubbling away like crazy with WY3711 pitched! Looking forward to it.

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