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Saison recipe

I know it’s almost winter but I want to make a fall Saison. I am thinking about something medium happy and medium bitter. I would like to add a pecan extract. Anybody have a recipe that a relative newcomer could handle?

Are you brewing extract or all-grain? If extract, I would recommend:

90% pilsner lme
5% wheat DME/LME
5% crystal 40 for your steeping grain (this will give you some ‘fall’ saison color/caramel)

to about 1.055-1.060

hallertauer or saaz 60 minutes to about 15 IBU
hallertauer or saaz 5 minutes for an additional 15 IBU

Are you comfortable working with liquid yeast? If so, WLP 565/Dupont is the gold standard, but can be tricky to work with. Danstar Belle Saison dry yeast is a great option as well and a lot less hassle.

Can’t help you with the pecan addition to a saison, but I would say add it at packaging to taste since its already extracted for you and you’re essentially just flavoring the finished product to your own preference.

I was planning on going all grain. I’m such a newbie that it wouldn’t really matter.

My two cents:

Never put Crystal or Caramel malts into a Saison unless you are looking for kind of a hybrid pale ale/saison thing (BIPA, etc.) You can make a “fall” version by adding in some light Munich or Vienna to give you a little more body and maltiness. Feel free to add in some spices for a fall version in spite of what many say. Maybe something like the following:

85% Belgian Pils
15% Munich
.5 lb Turbinado Sugar (a little darker than clear candi sugar and might pair well with Pecans) @ 15
EKG: @60
Styrian Goldings: @ 10
Pecans and something else (cinnamon?) added in at MO?
Mash at 146~ I hour
French Saison Yeast @ 80 degrees
OG: 1.060 (estimated ABV ~7.25%)
IBU: 30 (with lower mash temp and higher attenuation 30 IBUs will give you plenty)

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