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Saison or Farmhouse style yeasts for cider

Has anyone experimented with a Saison, Farmhouse, or French ale style yeast for cider? I’ve been loving drinking beer with these types of yeasts, and I’m wondering how well they would do for cider. Specific types of yeasts include White Labs WLP072, 568, or 670; and Wyeast 3711. I’m also interested in lambic-type blends that contain brettanomyces.

Interesting idea. Good idea for a 1-2 gallon batch.

I forgot how much I like 3711, been over a years sense using it. Had a glass of starter last night when I pitched my yeast. Wheres the “love” smilies!! Wish I would have poured a larger glass before kicking up the yeast. :oops:

My big batch of cider last fall used S-04 with no issues.
Drinking very nicely about now.
I have a 1-gallon batch still sitting with a Wyeast bug-blend that has a
nice poellicle going. I should get around to sampling it.

The freezing is supposed to burst a lot of the cell membranes (I think) in fruit, so crushing is probably not necessary, but certainly wouldn’t hurt.

One recommendation I have for fruit beers: unless you are going to reuse the yeast cake, I would just sanitize up a paint bag, add the fruit to that, then add that to your primary and let it go. Clean up is WAY easier, you lose less beer, and you don’t really need a secondary anyway.

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