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Saison Noir

I am reviving a recipe from several years ago with thoughts of using Polaris hops. I was hoping for a black saison with minty overtones to celebrate the holidays. Any input would be appreciated.

14.5 lbs pilsener
0.5 lb acid malt
mash at 146
cold steep 0.5 lb of carafa III and 0.5 lb dehusked chocolate, added in last 15min of boil
2lbs sugar at last 15min

1.0 oz northern brewer at 60
0.5 oz northern brewer at 20
0.25 oz polaris at 20
0.75 oz polaris at FO
1 oz polaris DH
30 IBUs

WY3711 at 64
OG 1.082
FG 1.010

I have never used polaris but feel its profile might be a great fit. From what I’ve read, a little goes a long way and would rather be subtle in this recipe. The dry hopping addition is still up for debate. I can always throw in a peppermint later if needed.

Any thoughs?

I just kegged today. OG 1.091 and FG 1.006. Initial thoughts are that I need more color to get to black and polaris really dominates this beer. I will update this is a week or so.

Updated tasting:
The Polaris is a bit too much. This ended up being more of an imperial Cascadian IPA. I would probably skip the dry and flameout hops altogether and let the yeast and dark malts be the finishing touch. The rest of the recipe was fine.

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