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Saison Dupont

Never had a Saison Dupont before. Went to a place that carries quite a lot of beers and many styles yesterday. Picked up a Saison Dupont, a Westmalle Tripel, a Rauchbier from Uinta and a twelve pack of SN Celebration. Tried the Saison Dupont tonight (watching the Eagles lose to Seattle) and it tasted like a skunked Heineken. I assume from reviews I’ve read that this is not the flavor profile to be expected. I guess the green bottle and however long it sat was to blame. Needless to say, I was disappointed. The Rauchbier (Tinder) was pretty tasty, but it tasted like a lager with liquid smoke added. I expected that flavor so I enjoyed it and look forward to pairing it up with some brisket next summer. Hopefully, the Westmalle doesn’t disappoint…

I had a Saison Dupont about a week ago at World of Beer. Was really good, easy drinking, not skunky or even funky. Just a good, clean taste, very subtle pepper notes. Definitely not a skunked Heineken. Interesting because it was on the front row of a glass fridge so it was exposed to plenty of light. Go figure.



Bring it back. The 12 ozers come in brown bottles but those green 750’s are prone to being lightstruck.

+1. that stuff isn’t cheap, and lightstruck is just about certainly related to the retailer, not any time before (distributor, shipping, brewery)

That beer can change a lot depending on how its packaged and where you drink it. I had it on tap at a Belgian restaurant in Paris a few years ago and it tasted completely different. More body, more pepper, and even a hint of star anise/licorice in the finish.

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