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Saison de Noel yeast questions

Hey, just got my Saison de Noel kit with the Wyeast 3726. I’m also just starting to really manage my fermentation temperature.

So my question is what temp should I use to ferment this beer. Both from a successful fermentation as well as a successful recipe duplication?


Pitch and Ferment at 65 for 2 days and then let the temp rise to 90 degrees F. If it is already cold where you live, put it in the warmest place you can. Do not rack the beer out of primary until the gravity is 1.008 or less.

After doing a bit of research, I think you can ferment lower than 90. This yeast is from Brasserie de Belaugies and not Dupont. A post from another web site recommends fermenting at 77-80. I would still ferment until the terminal gravity is low. A sweet saison is not very refreshing, and they can be too sweet at 1.010. 3724 is the Dupont yeast.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve got it in a chest freezer with a lizard tank heating pad and fan run by a Johnson Controller. Right now it’s holding a steady 85 degrees - as I started before you replied. It’s cooking along pretty hard.

Next question - once it’s done what should I do for secondary fermentation temperature?

Thanks - I’m new to playing with any by Ale yeasts so…

And this is where controversy begins. Majority of people would tell you to just let the beer sit for 3-4 weeks and skip secondary altogether, and then bottle or keg or whatever. That’s what I would recommend. Less work, less hassle, less chance for contamination, same final product.

Right - but I’ve got this cooking away at 85 degrees - Can’t leave it like that for 3-4 weeks. So whether I move to Secondary or not I still need a new temperature recommendation.

Though I do tend to take my beers to secondary fermentation just because I often dry hop and because that’s how I initially learned to brew.

After fermentation is finished, you really don’t have to worry too much about temperature. The yeast are finished and will sink to the bottom. Save the electricity and leave it at room temp in the secondary.

Just a few items of interest for the Noel kit and 3726. I will brew this kit soon. After reading and asking anywhere and anyone, I have concluded that I will use a starter and pitch and ferment at 78 - 79 degrees Fahrenheit. 3726 is not the Dupont strain, so high temps are not needed and stuck fermentation has not been the norm with this strain. I will immerse the 5 gallon wort filled glass carboy in a large and tall water filled Rubbermaid container with an adjustable thermostatic controlled 200 watt submersible fish tank heater. I will first test the system with a carboy filled with water to get the temperature range preset to the desired 78 - 79 degrees. I will circulate the water with a small pond pump to keep the water bath temperature steady. If anyone has any ideas or hints concerning this 3726 strain and or my intended methods, I am all ears. Thanks for any help!

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