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Saison de Noel upgrade ideas?

I’ve been brewing NB kits for many years, but have to admit I’ve never done much in the way of adding to or modifying the recipes, with just a few small exceptions. I guess I’m just kind of lazy that way. I’ve been pretty happy with all the kits I’ve made. Anyway now I’m planning on making a batch of NB’s Saison de Noel (extract), and thinking I’d like to maybe make it a bit of a bigger beer, increase the ABV a bit, and maybe add some rye or something else to intensify some of the flavors it already has going on. Any ideas for additions (with specific amounts, because I’m not well versed on how to keep a good balance when adding ingredients)?

Here’s the ingredients that come with the kit:
0.5 lbs Belgian Aromatic malt
0.25 lbs Weyermann Carafa III
0.25 lbs Belgian Special B

-6 lbs Pilsner malt syrup
-1 lbs D-90 Candi Syrup
-1 lbs Briess Pilsen dry malt extract late addition (15 min)
-1 lbs Corn Sugar late addition (0 min)

-1 oz US Magnum (60 min)

-Wyeast 3711 French Saison.


That’s a very dry beer combined with all that spicey saison flavor. There’s nowhere for flavor to hide.
Rye would definitely increase the spice. I’m drinking a saison right now that I roasted my own adjuncts to do a similar thing.
I’m inclined to try and increase my malt profile next time I make a saison. You might be able to do so by steeping your grains at a higher temp.

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Thaw out a can of frozen orange juice concentrate and rack secondary on top


Thanks…Not sure if citrus is the effect I’m going for, but have you done this with a dark beer and what was the effect?

Well I’ve done it in a wheat based saison. Went back and studied your recipe. Maybe a dark fruit like cherries or even raspberry. You should be able to find that in the frozen fruit section of your grocery.

Me did make fresh orange juice. Mixed with some mango. About 1 liter. Did add it to the secondary

Yeah, cherries sound like they might be a good option, thanks again.

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