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Saison de Noel: Anglo-Belgian Collection

In the most recent NB catalog, they highlight the Anglo-Belgian Collection. I am interested in the Saison de Noel, does anyone have any experience with how this turns out, ABV, IBU, recipe tweaks etc? I can’t find anything on

Same here, saw it inthe catalog and was interested. Wanted to take a look at the specs, but couldn;t find it. Figured I’d give your mention a bump in case anyone knows.

That’s why I’m here. Both the 1910 Pale Export and the Noel sound like interesting beers -I’d like to see them on the website so I can get more information about them.

Me too! Are they extract, all grain, partial mash? Inquiring minds need to know.

Bump cause I was considering it for Xmas instead of the winter warmer.

BUMP! I’d like to make the Saison de Noel but there isn’t much info on it.


I e-mailed, here was the response:

I apologize for the new kits not being available yet. We are waiting for the limited yeast to come in from Wyeast and we’ll have both extract and all grain available. They will be available and on the website late next week.

So, not too long to wait.

yessss lol good looking out can’t wait

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