Saison de Blanc, Insight Brewing

Anyone try Insight Brewing’s (Minneapolis) Saison de Blanc? I’m inspired and want to re-create it as closely as possible. I realize that there’s likely only a few people from Minneapolis/St. Paul or who’ve tried the above beer, but am also open to directions to a good recipe.

I’ve seen several recipes for a Saison that is either hopped with Nelson Sauvin or fermented with some grape concentrate or both. And NB has a kit, so anyone with advice on that?

Thanks in advance for any help recreating Saison de Blanc or leads to a similar recipe style.

If you check out The Mad Fermentationist, he recommends blending bottled wine into the finished beer instead of using fruit, as the quality of grapes or grape juice we can get as homebrewers is typically not nearly as good as what the professionals can get. That, and it’s against the law for a commercial brewery to blend another alcohol into their beer.

I haven’t tried it yet, although I plan to later this summer. It might be a good experiment to blend by the glass a commerical saison with a nice sauvignon blanc wine to get an idea of the ratio, and work backwards from there.