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Saison Brett Blend - Wyeast 3031; Separate Fermenter?

Brewed my first Saison with White Labs Saison Blend and was very happy with the results. It was only a 2,5 gallon batch, now I’d like to do a full 5-gallon all grain batch of a Saison-Brett along the lines of Boulevard’s Saison-Brett. Since the summer seasonal strain 3031 from Wyeast contains Brettanomyces, do I need a new fermenter? I ferment in a SS304 7 gallon stainless steel Brewbucket. I have a second bottling wand I would use just for this batch, and associated tubing. I’m guessing as long as I sanitize well after the batch is done in the primary and use the bottling wand and tubing for this batch and no other I would be fine. I would ferment and bottle directly from the Brewbucket. Thanks!

Brett is just yeast, and star-San will kill it. I share all my plastic, glass, and tubing between sacch and brett yeasts without issue, but you can’t take any short cuts in your cleaning or sanitation.

If you don’t want to tolerate any risk, though, use separate tubing and plastics for anything that touches brett. When in doubt, you can sanitize your metal fermenter with heat (160°F for 15 minutes should do it), but good sanitizing practices with star-san will kill brettanomyces without any concerns.

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