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Saison au miel

I brewed a saison au miel this past Thursday night. I pitched the yeast at about 65 degrees and it stayed between 60 and 66 degrees until today when I let it get up to 72. I am now seeing no activity in the airlock so im wondering if the temp. may have gotten too low for the yeast to survive. Any help will be appreciated.

60 shouldn’t be too cold. Are you using a bucket or carboy? Some times the lids on the buckets don’t seal.

I’m lazy tonight, what yeast is it?

I’m using a glass carboy. It has been bubbling away fine for the past three days then all of a sudden today it stopped while I was at work. I know it wasn’t a flash fermentation because it didn’t get over 66 degrees since I pitched the yeast and it is a saison so 66 is nowhere near the high temp for it.

Sorry Nighthawk didnt see your post I used the danstar belle saison dry yeast.

One post I read says that the yeast is a fast worker and works great in low temps. The only way to kill yeast with low temps is to freeze them.

You need to take a hydrometer reading to tell what has/is happening. If you had active fermentation, krausen, I would not worry about it for 10 days.

Thank you Nighthawk, I had an active fermentation for the past three days and about a two inch krausen so I will wait it out this is only my second brew so I’m still learning everything.

Yeah I wouldn’t be too concerned. I brew a lot of Saisons in the summer and I’ve never had one with more than an inch or so of krausen. Despite this they always come in nice and dry. I had a saison look like it was doing nothing for three weeks but then took a reading and it was at 1.000. I forget the OG but it was an 8.5% beer in the end!

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