Saison Attempt (Help!)

I was hoping to brew a stronger Saison in a few days but my experience is limited with this style. I brewed Northern Brewer’s Petite Saison and it was delicious. Now I’m aiming for something with a little more backbone. Here are my thoughts for the grain bill:

8 lbs Belgian Pils
3 lbs Vienna
1 lb Cane Sugar
.5 lbs Caramunich

As far as hops go I was planning on Kent Goldings and Saaz but since this is a rather dry brew I wasn’t sure what the Ibu ratio should be. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

That looks good. I tend to go on the low-end of the style’s IBUs and aim for around 21. What yeast are you using? I love Belgian Ardennes.

My only experience is with the French Saison strain but I don’t know how traditional it is or what flavors it will bring out in a larger brew like this.

That’s a good one too. Go for it!