Safebrew s-33

Spur of the moment brewing event. A friend wanted to brew a summer wheat, so we did a single mash/ double beer. We put us-05 in his and mine I pitchedi s-33. Would have used something else but needed a dry because of the timing. Any suggestions on temps? It started fast and it’s at 67deg now for 2 1/2 days. I pitched two packs.

If you;re 2 1/2 days in, temp doesn’t matter a whole lot any more. The first 72 hours are the most critical for temp control.

Trying to make something in line with a wit. Just wondered if I should let it warm.

You’ll have something more like an Am. wheat. No matter what they say, there is nothing vaguely “Belgian” about S-33. You could bump it to 70, but you’re damn close to that already. You could also just leave it where it is.

To bad, didn’t have time to research that yeast just went by the label. It said it tolerated 77deg I take it your not believing that. I’ll probably just let it set and call it an Am wheat.

#1. I’ve used S-33 in an APA and a rye porter with good results.

every yeast company I know of lists temps much higher than what I think make good beer. Even with it listed at 77, I wouldn’t ferment it over 68 and would prefer 65-66.

I have to agree with Denny, I’ve had great beers that are fermented cooler, and some off flavored beers that I didn’t control the fermenting schedule… get it cold first, I shoot for 65…… keep it below 70, been my way of doing this fer 8+ years…… the first 6, was trying to figure out what the heck I was even doing!! :blah: Sneezles61

Sits been sitting at about 67 for a week plus. I’ll take a gravity in the next couple days to see where it’s at .

plus, sample it. You’ll be able to get a glimpse of whats to come…… some aging. I do enjoy when, all of a sudden, one of my brew friends say I’m brewing, want to help and add? There in lies the experimental start to a brew… Sneezles61

I do sneak a a taste at sampling but am Leary to pass judgement at this stage. Much to early, I’ve been fooled before.