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Safe life of sanitizer

I’m getting ready to make my first brew. Will the sanitizer I make up on brew day keep to use on bottling day, or should I discard it and make fresh sanitizer? Thanks.

Depends. What did you use for sanitizer?

When it comes to sanitization, don’t cheap out or cut corners. Just make a fresh batch when you bottle to be 100% safe!

I make a fresh batch for each brew, transfer, and bottle operation. If I transfer one batch the same weekend as I bottle another, I’ll use the same batch.

I have some brown glass, 32oz. mini-growlers. As I’m done with the Star San usually re-fill one of them to have on hand. It’s nice to have when you find yourself needing to clean & replace an airlock after a blow-off. I’ll also use it on the funnel & flask when starting a yeast starter, but that’s about the limit of my reuse.

If you use starsan here is a pod cast strait from the guy who made the stuff. And after you here him talk you will find how incredible of a product it is. ... -19-06.mp3

But basically if you mix it up with distilled water and keep it in a spray bottle it will keep as long as the ph stays around 3.3. What hurts its shelf life is tap water (rinse a part, sanitize, then dump that water back in you jug) I know a guy who has had the same jug of star San for years, I just used the last of mine today and it was probably 3 years old.

I use start san and I use the same batch to brew and bottle all the time. I think the longest I have kept a batch is about 2.5 months.

I have heard from multiple sources that you can tell if star san solution is still good if it is clear. If it has become cloudy you need to mix a new batch.

I use Ph test strips to make sure mine is still good. When the strips are no longer red, it’s time to make a fresh batch. The cloudy not cloudy issue has been bandied about on this forum and it seems the general consensus is that the cloudiness has to do with the hardness of the water. I have fairly soft water, but it is usually cloudy. I faithfully check the Ph with the strips and notice that it does degrade over time. For me that is usually 3 months or so depending on how often I brew.

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