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Just kegged a 10 gal. batch of cream ale. I used Safale-05. I have always used a wyeast product before for all of my beers. What can I expect for the taste and will the conditioning time be around the same as if I used wyeast?

There really isnt a lot of difference between S-05, WLP001, and Wyeast 1056.

The only thing that I see on a consistent basis is that S-05 ferments a little bit lower than its liquid counterparts, it really is a workhorse yeast.

I would expect conditioning times (carb, clearing) to be similar. In my experience US-05 has seemed a bit more neutral (maybe transparent taste wise) than 1056, for a cream ale I’d imagine that’s what you want.

I 2nd what robotninja said while I was posting. I’ve typically seen US-05 attenuate a point or two lower than 1056, usually 80-82% attenuation.

IME i used safale S-04 for a cream ale it was the best yeast i have used so far for a cream ale. I used wyeast and white labs for a cream ale, but IMO Safale yeast suited my taste.

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