Safale 05 needed for priming?

Have been brewing beers that required a long lagering time, Octoberfest and Helles. Am currently fermenting a standard American lager and the recipe reccomends lagering for 2 weeks. Have added Safale 5 with the longer lagering, but is it need with 2 week lenth of lagering? :cheers:

Probably not.

You need to lager a really long time before the need to reyeast would happen.

I’ve bottled lagers after 2-3 months of lagering without use of additional yeast, and they carbonated just fine, although maybe taking slightly longer to reach peak carbonation (3-4 weeks). Now a doppelbock lagered for 6 months? That I probably would consider adding some fresh yeast, or possibly going “old school” and doing a krausening.