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Saddest day in my brewing history... =(

So I went to the basement to get myself a nice cold pint of Chocolate Milk Stout. I opened the cover of my Keezer to get a chilled glass and instantly noticed a sweet smell, then saw frost building on the walls… THEN I saw the saddest sight I have ever seen. Many many burst, exploded and leaking bottles of my brews…

Lost a bit over 2 cases of cream ale, and several apple ciders. My Kegs and lines are frozen solid, but dont seem to be leaking, so maybe they will be ok. One case of bottles all seem to be ok, so we will see when they thaw.

Apparently my 9 month old Johnson Controls Analog controler failed sometime in the lase few weeks… It felt hot when I grabbed it, so I unplugged everything and we will let things thaw out.

Has this happened to anyone else?

WHat should I replace it with so this will not happen again!!!

Sorry I am just venting and very upset… I need a beer… Oh wait I cant because its all FROZEN!

I won’t say it will never fail…


I’m sorry for your loss. But I have had to, on a rare occasion, dump a 10 gallon batch. I have actually only had to dump one 10 gallon batch and two 5 gallon batches in 9 years. But it hurts and I always learn a lesson from it.

I recently turned off my power strip where the keezer temp controller (Ranco) is plugged in, and when I turned it back on it gave my temp controller an error, that I missed. Luckily the keezer full of kegs warmed up instead of freezing - it took me a couple days to notice - but from now on if I ever disconnect power and then reconnect, first I will make sure the temp controller switches back to the right temp and is working. I too have lost some brews, and so really believe in sticking to BMPs (Best Management Practices).

Once I poured 100 bottles of beer down the drain.

I’m sorry for you loss. I believe a moment of silence is in order.
yeah cleaning up frozen exploded bottles is the worst!

Thanks for showing us this so that we can keep an eye on these controllers.

That stinks. I’ve frozen a keg or two in my day, too :oops:

What I do now is keep a La Crosse wireless weather station at my computer desk and I put the remote in my keg fridge instead of outside. That way I can always keep an eye on the temps and avoid the freeeeeeze! :slight_smile:

Oh, the Johnson controller helps too :slight_smile:

THats a really good idea on the weather station… I have one that can have up to 3 remotes. I will get another one and put it in the Fridge! THanks!

I have had frozen kegs once. My wife picked up more sweet corn than the regular fridge could hold (we were canning) and she decided to stack it in the keg fridge. Long story short, when she closed the lid the probe was laying in the bags of corn. By the time I noticed I had 4 frozen kegs. they thawed out and were fine if a bit over carbed.

Sorry you had the troubles.


+1 to Nighthawk! Just finished my first build and plan on doing a couple more. About 1/3 the cost of my first temp controller, digital johnson, and this one is a dual controller whereas my johnson is not. I said johnson. You have my condolences. I hope you ate a beersicle.

If it makes you feel any better; I did a batch of cream ale and boiled with the lid on. It tastes just like cream corn and not in a good way. I drank about half but I don’t think I can stomach any more. Been using it when I know I shouldn’t have another beer at the end of the night, but insist. I’m learning not to insist.


Only a few beers lost. How about dropping a full carboy? posting.php?mode=reply&f=1&t=109222&sid=b976655868923d9f45a355b09417ee4a#

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