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Sabco Brew-Magic For Sale

I have a gently used, well maintained Sabco Brew-Magic for sale.

This is the non-computerized, easy to use PID version of the Brew-Magic…once you have your technique dialed in, you will hit your numbers with amazing regularity. The unit is in “ready to brew” condition with new sight glasses, an upgraded electric heating element, and all tri-clamp connections…just plug it in and hook up your propane and you are good to go.

I am selling because I have approval from SWMBO to upgrade to the new Sabco Brew-Magic V350MS System.

The first $3,400 takes it.

E-Mail for photos or more information.

And may I ask where in this country is the system located ?

Sorry about that…the system (and I) are near Stratford, WI…~2.5 hours east of St. Paul, MN and 2.5 hours north of Madison, WI

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