SA New Albion

Anyone had this yet? I brewed 5 gallons of this from the Zymurgy recipe, or was it BYO, and wouldn’t mind doing a side by side if I can find some.


haven’t had it yet, but am going to try it for sure, at least to pay respects to a grand/Godfather of this whole movement with which I’m obsessed.

My understanding is that it will be available anywhere you can get Sam Adams…but my understanding is also that it is a relatively forgettable all-cascade APA :wink:

Nice pale ale balanced not too malty or hop forward. Got some at Kroger in Ohio on Monday. Not flawed in anyway but forgettable may actually be a good description. My wife will probably finish the six pack I’d rather have a snpa

Kind of what I’m expecting.

I had some Cascade I was looking to move and this recipe fit the bill.


Its the type of brew I will make from time to time to fill a tap. I can appreciate it but my taste buds have been skewed with all this over the top new fangled beer.

Its funny, because as much as I can appreciate over-the-top malty/roasty/hoppy beers, I really do enjoy a crisp, clean, subtle and drinkable beer almost more than the flavor bombs. I had a Lagunitas Pale Ale last week, and it was just awesome. Citrus, just the right amount of grassiness, well-made, thirst-quenching and delicious. Hopefully SANA will be in this spirit!

I got to try a pint tonight, and I met Jim Koch himself. He was at a Sam Adams tasting in San Antonio.

I liked the beer a lot. It was very balanced with a crisp refreshing finish. It was probably a little less hoppy than Sierra Nevada pale ale, but definitely better than Budweiser American Pale ale and some other beers that try to pass themselves off as pale ale.

The beer had a nice hop flavor and a fresh malt character.