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S-33 for a Tripel

I’m gonna make a tripel this Saturday, no yeast started yet. I was thinking: instead of maing a starter with the WLP510, why not pitch 2 packets of S-33 Trappist yeast?


Also, if anyone has any comments on the She-Devil recipe I’d appreciate it. Not a big fan of Belgians, but I’m looking to do something different.

S-33 is not a belgian yeast. I don’t care what the description says, it is the old EDME yeast. It doesn’t attenuate worth a crap either, no matter how much you pitch. Make a starter or buy another yeast pack. I’ve only ever enjoyed this yeast once, in a low gravity blond ale that was aged for like 7 months in cold storage and there were zero belgian phenols or esters.

You can try T-58 if you want to, it is really peppery, some people love it.

Totally agreed on the S-33. I have no idea why they continue to list it as a Belgian yeast. Even if it had Belgian origins, it doesn’t produce the kind of flavors you associate with Belgian beers.

My personal favorite is wyeast trappist high gravity 3787. I made a Patersbier then rinsed the yeast and used what I got back to ferment my Tripel. I mashed low around 147˚ to get more fermentable sugars. OG 1.092 - FG 1.010. The beer is still a aging, but my first few tastes were fantastic!

Yeah, I’d have to say that 3787 is my favorite tripel yeast, too. Just the right amount of subdued esters.

I used this yeast once in a dry stout and it wasn’t the worst beer ever but it certainly wasn’t the best. Crappy attenuation and it just didn’t taste that great.

I decided not to use this yeast again. My $.02.

Thx for the input.

My LHBS doesn’t carry Wyeast and Grape and Granary in Akron is about 20 minutes away so i opted for the WLP500 Trappist Ale. I’ve got two 1200ml starters going now.

So anyone ever make the She-Devil Tripel? I’ve seen it posted around quite a bit and it’s hosted by Beersmith too. Would you recommend something different that the WLP500 would work well with?

Yea S-33 isn’t a beligan yeast, t-58 make a decent triple if you want to used dry yeast

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