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S-04 krausen

I’ve used S-04 a handful of times and noticed how fast the krausen dropped on a Brown Ale. 2 days after pitching it dropped. Rehydrated prior to pitching and fermenting at 66°F in my chest freezer. Not worried about it but thought it was interesting. Pitched around 8:00pm Sunday night woke up the next morning about 12 hours later and no visual activity on the surface. A hour or two later and it really took off. Anyone else notice a quick dropping krausen with S-04?

Short of 24 hours after pitching

Short of 48 hours after pitching

I’ve never used s-04. But English ale yeast are notorious for flocculating early. Might not be a bad idea to GENTLY swirl the fermenter to try to get some of the yeast back in suspension. They are also notorious for not completing fermentation due to this.

I had a buddy use it on a RIS once. He kegged it, thus resuspending the yeast. He went to tap the keg and the beer shot ALL over the wall and ceiling. Luckily for him his wife found it amusing.

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I was under the thinking, thats a tradition with the english ales… Bang it out, drop, then to quietly referment AFTER gently shakin’, hence cask conditioned!:yum: Sneezles61

I know 04 turn is as thick as butter when cleaning the fermenter

I meant to say I’ve never used S04 but have used liquid English yeast. They do the same thing.

Pulled a sample tonight after 1 week its at 1.011, I was expecting more flavor although it did taste good at the current stage. Still plenty of time to come together.

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I loved everything from epic brewing I tried :slight_smile:

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