RyePA question


my latest brew is the RyePA kit from NB. It has been in primary for 2 weeks and I just transferred it to secondary. The recipe asks for a late addition of hops 5 days before bottling (a week from now), but when I tasted the beer today, it already had quite a bitter, characteristic IPA taste.

I do not want the beer to become too bitter, should I still add the last addition of hops?

Any experience with this kit?


Yes, always add more hops! :cheers:

But really, it depends what you’re after. If you intend to brew the recipe, then add the hops b/c they’re part of the recipe. If you want a slightly less hoppy RyePA, then hold off. Keep in mind, hop character fades fast with aging, so I would add them (but that’s just me, and I’m a hop head).

…also, dry hopping is mostly for aroma, so you shouldn’t get too much more bitterness out of the addition. You’ll get a tiny amount of bitterness from polyphenols, but the alpha acids not isomerized at fermentation temps (and all that fancy sciency stuff).