Rye wit?

Out back drinking rye whiskey with a cigar. Feeling good. I was trying to think of a good way to show case rye but not in a hoppy direction. I’ve also been wanting to do a wit. It hit me, rye wit, but I want to see what my online brewing buddies think? I’d probably use wyeast 3522 because I have a fresh top crop. 50% rye wit. Yea or nay?

I say go for it.

A high proportion of rye can really slap you in the face. It can be a strong flavor, and it adds an oily mouth feel. You might not like 50%. I like rye and have used it 3 times in porters and a stout. Never used it in a lighter beer like a wit, but it sounds good. You might want to start around 20 to 30% and go up from there if you like it. Also, rye and wheat together might make for a very sticky mash. You might want to add a handful of rice hulls in this one! Good luck.

I agree with @brewdvm that 50% is pretty high. And I also agree that you should use some rice hulls but with all that rye and wheat I would add a couple handfuls.

There’s a couple rye wits out there so you might want to do some research.

Maybe even do a couple of small batches. Start at 50/50, then in an separate kettle have some wheat extract and figure volumes to dilute down so you can then compare… I really like rye so I would be curious what yer out come is… Sneezles61

Funny, but while I see the “oily” effect of rye in the sparge, there isn’t too much of that in the finished beer. The rye does give it some enhanced mouthfeel, but I wouldn’t describe it as “oily”. Still, I agree that 50% is on the high side. Maybe 30-40% rye would be as high as I’d go with a wit.

And figure on a slow sparge. Rice hulls are a good idea.

I haven’t brewed with rye at high percentages. Thanks for the heads up. New plan 50% Pilsner 30% flaked rye 20% malted wheat … Now just need to brew

I’ll be on the look out. I’ve never seen one. Have you tried any??

I have not tried one. I’ve seen a couple at bottle stores. A quick internet search might help you out.