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Rye Pilsner...anybody tried?

Currently fermenting a 30% rye, 70% pils malt pilsner. Anyone brewed something similar? Used magnum to bitter and liberty to finish.

Second question, I use RO water and I would think a beer of this color would require an acid addition. Using the Palmer app, it didn’t, only a little cacium chloride and a touch of gypsum. Is that due to the rye? Thanks!

Let us know how it turns out. I was about to start a similar thread about Dark Saisons. I tied making a midnight wheat saison and it was just alright. I think there is a reason that Saisons don’t come in a roasted barley form

I wonder if some of those using brewing apps can enter the grainbill and see how it comes out compared to say MO?
I’ve got 10 lbs waiting for to be used… I’ll look to see if there is info in regards…
Looks like your an old timer here… Yet don’t hear much… Welcome back.

I actually have brewed a saison with rye. It was a recipe a friend brewed that won something and got brewed professionaly end was entered into the GABF. Personally I wasn’t impressed it was a one off. Let me look it up.

Like I said it’s not my recipe. I never would use crystal malt in a saison. Wasn’t much anyway

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What mash pH are you targeting? I tend to shoot for more acidic levels of late say, 5.2-5.3 range. I like the lively flavor that this has provided. Certainly some snap in a pils is good.
This might alter how much acid you would need.

I’ve done a similar beer, but closer to Maibock style. I think my recipe was 30% rye and 70% pils, and all US Saaz hops.

Sounds interesting…I’ve only ever used rye in a porter.

I used to make a rye IPA haven’t made it in years. May have to revisit it. It was good.

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I brewed a rye pale ale twice in 2018 and will definitely keep it in rotation when I restart. The dry spicy flavor notes were distinct and quite nice.

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