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Rye PA dry hop

I tasted my Rye PA when I added the 1/2oz of Palisade pellets, and it was good but I wanted more hop aroma/character. Stopped by the LHBS and added an additional 1 oz of whole leaf Citra.

Anyone dry hop with Citra? What can I expect?

I have not dry hopped with citra, but to me it smells like tropical fruits, such as mango and pineapple. It is a popular hop and pairs well with citrusy hops IMO.

What other hops did you use in the recipe?

It should be fine.

That’s what I thought…

It’s the NB RyePA Kit.

1oz Summit (Pellet) - 60min
1oz Palisade (Pellet) - 15min
.5oz Palisade (Pellet) - 0min
.5oz Palisade (Pellet) - Dry Hop (7days)

I added an additional 1oz Citra (Whole) - Dry Hop (3days)

Once, didn’t care for it. That’s just a matter of personal taste, though. It’s a popular hop.

I agree with you. I didn’t care for Citra as much as I thought I would. Just too fruity for my tastes.

I think Citra works best as a dryhop when used with piney hops like Columbus, Chinook, and Simcoe in the boil. The dank/pine balances out the fruity Citra for me.

How do you guys think citra would go with the rye?

I agree with you. I didn’t care for Citra as much as I thought I would. Just too fruity for my tastes.[/quote]

I had a beer featuring citra at the organic beer fest last june and wasn’t all that impressed by it.

I also find this to be the case.

I just dug up my notes from the one time I used Citra.
2 oz Willamette FWH
1 oz Amarillo @ 60
.25 oz ea Warrior, Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo @ 15, 10, 5, and KO
1 oz ea Amarillo, Simcoe, Willamette DH
1 oz ea Amarillo, Simcoe, Willamette keg

In spite of the other hops, I found it overpowering.

Quick update: bottled the RyePA today (whilst brewing Jamil’s Evil Twin)…wow, you weren’t kidding on the tropical fruit! Not overpowering, but definitely mango…I’d even venture to say that I’m picking up a honey-like sweetness that wasn’t there before. To use a wine example I’d compare it to Viognier, where the fruit notes add an implied sweetness, when in actuality it isn’t necessarily a sweet wine.

I think that 3 days on the Citra was perfect. Once the beer is carbonated I’m expecting the fruitiness to mellow a bit…but if it didn’t I’d definitely still be pleased with the outcome.

Thanks for the feedback…I’m already scheming on the Simcoe/Chinook/Columbus/Citra combo. I’ll have another update in a couple of weeks!


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