Rye Brewing Experience

I’ve got about 10-15 all grain batches under my belt but I had never used rye before. I did a Rye PA with home grown cascades and an ounce of Chinook for bittering. Smells awesome.

I measure out my water, hit my 152 mash temp and after batch sparging I’m way short on my boil volume. I was going for 7 gallons and ended up with around 5. I ended up doing another sparge with a couple extra gallons and after the boil my gravity was a little high, but nothing too unreasonable.

Does rye typically absorb more water than barley? I don’t think I measured my water wrong and it turned out fine, but it may be something I will have to plan for in the future!

Rye does not absorb more water than barley, certainly not an extra two gallons. Sounds like a math error.

Well, I’m certainly not going to rule out user error…

Maybe your calculations for absorption are incorrect? Some one correct me if Im wrong but isnt it .13 gallons of water per pound of grain?

Well I have just recently starting to keep track of this, and been having absorbtion rates that vary from .08 to .17 per pound depending on which grains are used… But I havent used rye since then

I’ve always used .1 per pound as a generalization, but I’m no expert!