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"Rye"bock recipe

I’m a big fan of Maibock, and thought it would be even better to add some rye to the mix for that crisp spicy flavor. I’m new to all grain, and this is my first original recipe so feedback is welcome! Here’s my 5 gal recipe:

5 lb German Pils
3 lb Munich
3 lb Vienna
3 lb Rye

2 oz Hallertau 60 min
1 oz Tettnang 15 min

2206 bavarian lager

I’ve seen a couple recipes that add some carahell or carafoam. Any advice on whether either of those would improve the recipe?

I’d lose the Vienna and increase the pils and rye. IMO, less than 15% rye really isn’t noticeable.

I based one on the NB recipe of this and it is lagering right now. I have tried one glass - it is really good and I think it will be a staple in my future brewing. Although, I agree with Denny in regard to the Rye - I don’t think the Rye is overly pronounced in mine. It is good, but mild to subtle. I will probably try some more this weekend (brewed it on January 22 and it has been lagering about 5 weeks or so.)

As for the NB recipe, I pasted what they had below. I made some changes - I used sazz hops instead of sterling. I used 10lb Pilsner malt instead of 2 row. Carapils instead of carafoam.

– 9.25 lbs. Malteurop American 2-row
– 3 lbs Weyermann Rye Malt
– 0.5 lbs Caramel Wheat Malt
– 0.25 lbs Chocolate Rye Malt
– 0.25 lbs Weyermann Carafoam

1 oz. Sterling (First Wort)
1 oz. Sterling (30 min)
1 oz. Sterling (10 min)
1 oz. Sterling (Dry hop in secondary for 5 days)

thanks guys. A lot of maibock recipes I found online had 40/40/20 mix of pils, vienna, and munich, so I tried to adjust to add 20% or thereabouts of Rye. Do you think 30% rye is enough? I want the rye to be noticeable but not overpowering.
With the NB recipe - the dry hopping seems out of style, right?

As far as “out of style” someone else might need to chime in on that - I have never really brewed too much in the way of hitting a particular style. I think as soon as the rye went in, it was probably “out of style” though.

I poured a 12 ouncer or so last night for myself and a buddy. It needs more lagering, but really good. It definitely has a nice medium to mild spice to it - a combination of the rye and the sazz hops. Noticeable, but not overpowering. I think you will get someKind of a dark orange/light brown amber color to it. Not as clear as I would like, but hard to tell at this point as it is still the first couple glasses out of the keg. I think you will be in the ball park with that amount of rye, I would not go less for sure though.

I used this rye (plus the chocolate rye); ... -malt.html

I brewed NB’s Rye Maibock kit a while back, and was going to post a review on it but couldn’t even find reference to it anywhere on their site. So this will have to do.

At first I wasn’t quite sure about this beer, or the hops. But after some time in the bottle this has turned into an excellent drinking beer. It is best after it has warmed a bit in the glass, the maltiness becomes more pronounced and the rye and hops go together for a nice spiciness. I don’t have the equipment to lager yet, and for yeast I used a 50/50 mix of S-05 and W/34-70. I fermented in the lower 60’s and the beer turned out a nice amber/copper color, clear as a bell and nice and crisp.

I have a case of this left, and I may shed a small tear when the last one is gone.

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