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Rye bock extract recipe

Im looking for a rye bock recipe that I would like to lager over the winter…any suggestions?

Kind of a tall order for an extract beer. The only rye extract I know of is the one NB sells. Then you’d have to find some Munich extract to go with it.

I think maybe the best way to do it would be to make an extract bock (using 100% munich syrup) and add 2-3 pounds of rye malt as a mini-mash. It varies by maltster, but I think most rye malts can convert themselves and probably a small amount of roasted malt in addition.

Basing it on NB’s Munich recipe, maybe something like:

9.15# munich malt syrup
0.5# caramunich
2.5# rye malt
1oz Perle 60 min
2 packs Fermentis 34/70

Steep the crushed grains in 1-1.5 gallon of water at ~152 degrees for 45 minutes, remove grains from the water and then sparge the grain by putting it in a strainer and pouring 170 degree over it then add the runoff to your wort, bring to a boil, add your syrup. Depending on what boil volume you typically use and whether you have a second medium-sized pot, it might be a bit tricky getting all the volumes where you want them, but if you can provide some details on your normal process, boil volume, and equipment, we can figure out how to tweak it.

This will likely come out in the 1.072-1.075 range, so it should be big enough to be a doppel.

That’s how I’d do it–any concerns of comments from others are welcome…

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