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RV resort minimal brewing with Kveik yeast is kegged

Kegged my extract batch using the least amount of equipment possible due to wintering in our RV. Not enough room to bring along the 20 gallon AG brewery :grinning: Did manage to bring two full cornies that are now gone after almost three months.

It was DME, LME some crystal malt steeped and a little sugar. Magnum hops for 60 and Cascade finish. Boil was an electric burner on the picnic table. Yeast is Kveik, well Omega Hothead. They say “An ale strain of Norwegian origin” I assume that would be the same. Fermented in bucket at around 73° ambient. About three weeks in the bucket.

The bucket has a drum tap so on the picnic table it went. Drained off the trub until it ran clear and stuck a hose on with the keg under it on the ground. Added table sugar to prime and gave it a shot of CO2 to seal the lid. The reason for priming is two fold. First I don’t have a place to keep the keg cold to force carb it. Second it’s tough getting CO2 where we are so I try to conserve.

It came out crystal clear with a nice hoppy taste but not overpowering. I can not detect any off flavor from the warm ferment. Just what I was looking for. After it’s carbed I will be serving it through a jockey box so it will be warm start to finish. Can’t wait to try it when it’s done. I did save some of the yeast and have three NB kits on the way.


From what I gather, the Omega and Yeast Bay versions are slightly different strains of Kveik. Folks use that way warmer, too, so no surprise. I’m still not sure if it’s the power of suggestion or not, but I get some citrusy, orangey flavors out of that yeast. I found a forgotten vial in the back of my fridge this week… debating trying to nurse it back from the dead. It must be six months old or so…

Are you in a RV park? Did you get any comments from passerbys on the large cooking operation?

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Go ahead and use that yeast. I just revived harvested yeast from June 29, 2015.

Can’t say I could detect any citrus or orange but it’s tough with warm flat beer and I’m bad at describing tastes in my beer. Would make a terrible judge.

I’d give the six month yeast a try in a starter. Not much to lose.

It’s not dead, just sleeping… This stuff was stored back in the day on sticks, or by painting it on sheets of paper and drying it in the oven. Don’t think keeping it for 6 months in the fridge will hurt it much!

But you’re correct, they’re both Kveik strains. Yeast bay’s is from Voss in Norway, and Omega hothead is from Stranda. Omega also has the Voss strain, which I’m not sure is the same as Yeast Bay’s.

Yes in an RV park. Surprisingly no one said a word. Could have been anything in the kettle but the five gallon bucket and keg must have looked strange. I think our Jeep might have partially blocked the view from the road though.

Where in the Keys and anything goes here so you can’t imagine the things you see.

Love the Keys. Wish I was there to sample it. -1 here this morning when I got up to feed the dogs at 0500.

I spent the winter in central FL a couple years ago and don’t think I ever wore long pants. I put on a long sleeve tee or sweatshirt a few morning until the sun came up. I loved the weather there. Even the crazy thunderstorms. Always cracked me up to see the coats and gloves come out when the temperature dropped to about 60.

highs in the 20s here this weekend with single digit wind chill. That’s about as cold as it gets here and only for a few days at a time. Still cold enough for me. I’ll be over it long before spring.

80 today but going down into the 60’s tomorrow. The locals will be wearing snow suits :slight_smile: We haven’t spent winter in the frozen north in six years so we might have to bundle up too. I do not miss the cold and snow. The heat does make brewing difficult. Even if we had a house here the ground water is in the 70’s from the tap so it’s useless for chilling wort. There isn’t any cold basement for storage or basements at all either.

We woke up to a balmy -8 this AM. Yesterday it was -20, add a little wind, and all the cream puffs stay inside! Well, maybe a bit jealous, no wood to haul in, can git outside in a blink of an eye… Sneezles61

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