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Rum Runner Stout -NB

Trying to become a better brewer and utilize the things I’ve bought (iBrewmaster App).

So a few questions:

  1. How do you determine the amount of specialty grains used for steeping in the northern brewer 1-gallon kit? I need it to determine the original gravity and its not really given.
  2. Any advice for a first time stout extract brewer?

My plan is to keep it in the primary longer than the two weeks recommended and to try and hit the final gravity this time (this only my third brew).

I want to also rehydrate the yeast this time after reading online about how many cells die, etc. I know there are a number of brewers on here that just use the smack pack and be done with it, but I want to try it to know the differences. So my question is, if its a one gallon batch kit, if I was to rehydrate 1/2 pack, it would be considerably overpitching the yeast. Anybody have a good link to help me determine how much I should be pitching if I rehydrate it?

Thanks in advance.

  1. The og will be given online at the details of the product on That is as long as you plan on doing the recipient step for step. The og should also be on the recipient sheet included with the kit

  2. Really depends on what you are trying to get. An American. Irish. Dry. Any other variant.

I dk how many batches you have under your belt but I recommend doing the recipient as stated with a secondary fern for a first stout then add variants after. Stouts can be made or broken with different variants.

Either supply much more detail on what you plan to achieve. Or just go by recipie first time around. I recommend the later if it is your first stout

Also I know little about yeast. I so a new yeast with starter every batch. For that question I I call upon the brewmasters, moderators, and beer gods

Damn iPod. Recipie. Not recipiants

I have done the rum runner stout twice now. 1st OG was 1.083, 2nd was 1.091 (got interrupted on brew day so boil was longer giving me less volume due to boil off so it was more concentrated). The NB 1 gal kits don’t give OG stats. Both times I used the recommended half packet of dry yeast and haven’t had any issues. Skipped secondary on both batches, 2 weeks primary. Let 1st one bottle condition for 2 months before tasting and it was excellent. 2nd batch is being bottled this week so I haven’t messed with it yet.

The 1 gallon kits don’t have the OG availible, either on the “instructions” or on line. I look for the same beer in the 5 gallon kits and use the given OG. Or using the 5 gallon kit’s ingediant list along with BeerSmith to derive the OG. Most of the time the ingrediants for the specialty gains are given for the 5 gallon kits.

As far as rehydrating 1/2 of a pack; go ahead. It won’t hurt the beer. Dry pitching 1/2 a pack of yeast for 1 gallon is over-pitching. In the General section HD4Mark is doing a hydration/no hydration experiment you might want to follow.

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