Rum Ball Porter

I’ve brewed this before but thinking of changing the yeast. It was good but I think it could be better any comments?

What is it that you would like to change? If it is yeast you could always choose any English ale strain. It doesn’t have to be dry yeast does it?

I was thinking to go with US05 but didn’t want to change much just a tweak. The us04 didn’t work that great. It tasted good but took forever. But that could have been pitch rate I guess.

US-05 will work. You will probably get better attenuation with a FG around 1.011 to 1.012 with this recipe. Ferment on the warm side with this yeast. I’ve found 67° to 70°F to be a good temperature range. A peach flavor can be noticed in some beers if fermentation is below 65°F. I noticed this flavor in a dry Irish stout.

I’m going to try the 04 again I have two-packages and I’ll rehydrate. I was going to use the 05 slurry I’ve been repitching but some have suggested is compromised because of the the high attenuation I’m getting but that is another post. I also think I will add some oats but all I have is old fashioned oatmeal, can I use that?

Yeah just add the oats to your mash. I wouldn’t worry to much about your attenuation with that slurry. A bigger beer can benefit from a little more attenuation. Plus, with the oats it should add some body.