Ruined batch?

I missed my target temp at the protein rest. I over-shot by 5 degrees C. Finally got it down by adding cold water and stirring, but that process took 10 minutes. Did I kill my enzymes? What are the implications?

What was the temp? You would have to be 168F+ to denature enzymes.

I should have been more specific. I blew it at the protein rest. Temp went to 55-57 Celcius. My target was 50-C. I’m mashing 20% rice and am worried that I trashed those enzymes. I continued with a starch conversion at 67-C. Now dealing with a stuck runoff. Seams everything is going wrong today.

More accurately, I worry I didn’t develop enough enzymes for conversion. My base malts were 4# Rahr 6-row and 4# Rahr Pilsner with 2# cooked white rice.

Oh my, I have to find the C to F chart to understand…. Sneezles61

I’ve never used rice, but I could see the higher temp causing run off issues. I don’t think that should cause problems with conversion, though.

Sorry Sneezles, I’ve been using a C thermometer for years and can no longer think in F. I never overshot a temp by so much before and freaked out, in the end my efficiency came in at 86%.

Its all good. Im stuck in my ways and new change, like going metric, I have my heels dug in…. I know its easy. BUT…. Sneezles61

Sounds like you are trying to make Bud :wink:
Your final temp of about 152°F (for those of us confused by C) should convert the base and the enzymes in that the rice. Sound right? I’m not so scientific about it and almost never step mash.