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Rudesheimer Yeast

I’ve tried searching the forums, and other sites for this information but I’m coming up short. I’m mainly a beer brewer but have done a couple of batches of dry mead in the past but not for 4-5 years or so. I decided I wanted to do something a little different and go for a sweeter, hopefully not too sweet, mead. Yesterday I mixed up 12lbs of orange blossom honey, a couple of oz of yeast nutrient and enough water to get to 5 gallons. I pitched a smack pack of Wyeast Rudesheimer, oxygenated for a couple of minutes and sealed it up. I remember that my meads in the past took a lot longer to get going than my beers but what I can’t remember is what they looked like during fermentation. This morning there is some “stuff” on the top of the must, kind of like the bubbles you would see at the top of a low carbonated beer, so I’m assuming something is happening. What I’m really trying to find out is what a fermentation with Rudesheimer actually looks like. Again, I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure with my previous batches I didn’t see the huge head of “foam” like I do with beer but I’m not sure. Anyone have any rough guides I should be looking for over the next few weeks as it (hopefully) ferments?

On a side note, has anyone noticed that the search on the forum is kind of flaky? If I copy text from a post (SNA or staggered nutrient addition for instance) it comes back with nothing. If you do the same thing with advanced search it brings stuff back but not always the post that you copied the text from?

I’ve noticed less foam and lees (trub) in mead than in ale.

A few years ago another guy posted a better way to search the list.



It looks like there are some good posts related to your topic.

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