Rough brew day with Castle Pilsner?

Rough brew day yesterday. My mash run off came to a dead stop before I even finished recirculating. This was batch 58 with the same exact setup for about half, nothing has changed.The malt was 97% castle pilsner and 3% aromatic at 152. I’ve put much more offensive grain bills though and never had a problem, 50% wheat etc… Adding my 190 degree sparge water got things running. My kettle screen also plugged up with more than 1 quart left which has never happened even with beers with 10x more hops. In the end was my efficiency 70% like always just short on volume. Any ideas on what could have caused this? I’m at a loss,

I’ve not use castle pils, so I won’t be able to help there, BUT, maybe gambrinus, pagan god of beer, was toying with you. Just like a cat with a mouse! Testing yer patients… :joy: Sneezles61

Sounds like the grind has changed. Your mill or home brew shops. Rice hulls might be good insurance in the future.

Hm I did have to go caveman and use the hand crank on my mill because I forgot to change my drill. But that’s not the first time it happened and I’ve never had a problem. I’m leaning toward beer gods testing my commitment to brewing

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I have had a rough brew day once or twice. Last time I had my 10 gallon mash tun full to the brim with grain and hot water and wouldn’t you know it, nothing was coming out. I ended up emptying the entire contents into another 10 gallon vessel. Gave my false bottom a good clean off, then dumped everything back in.

Wouldn’t you know it, it glow the flow going and my beer was still ok. Of course that adds a lot of stress and craziness to the brew day. I recently have been hearing about rice hulls and other adjuncts to help keep the mash from sticking. Might help in the future for sure.

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