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Rosso Fortissimo Question

My CC Rosso has been clearing for around three weeks and is pretty clear. The nose is pretty grapey though. Is that typical of this (or other reds)? Does anyone have any adjustments that they like to make on this kit - such as aging with oak cubes, etc?

Not much to go on man. I.E. beginning brix, finishing brix, time in primary, time in secondary. Did you Stabilize it when you racked it. If so, fermentation stopped then and there. Perhaps it is just a very fruity wine, which it is, and you didn’t expect it to be. As long as it finished below .096 s.g. it’s about what you’re gonna have. At least til it ages for a year.

Best kit CC makes, and before Winex brought out the Eclipse, maybe one of the top kits on the market.

CC kits are actually know for being a little jammy. The Rosso less than the others and that is why I like it. Assuming you followed all the instructions I don’t think you should be too worried about a grapey nose. Has a long long way to go yet.

One of the drawbacks of this kit is aging time. Needs 1 year before you even open the first bottle. Until 1 year I found this wine very disappointing. After 1 year it continues to improve and improve and improve.

By the 2 or 3 year mark it is brilliant for kit wine. Like most Chiantis a very universal food wine.

I would not do anything to alter it at this point. Don’t worry about getting it done in the recommended time frame. Going to be rough for a while no matter what. Will be worth the wait.

Excellent choice of kit!

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