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Room temp homebrew

Does anyone else enjoy the taste of their homebrew at room temp better than chilled? I like the taste better than when I chill them for awhile.

For me it depends on the room temperature. In the winter when the place where I store my beer is 50-55, yes, when it get upwards of 75, not so much.

I keep my kegs around 40-45 for serving, the lagers are fine there, but the ales taste better to me when they warm up some.

If memory serves me right, and if I am wrong correct me, drinking ales closer to room temperature is two fold.

I heard that the temps beer/wine ferment is the temp you want to aim for when you drink them.

Ale was often served at “room temp” couple hundred years and by “room temp” I mean “cellar temp 50-60s)” since they didn’t have refrigeration like we do today.

So when enjoy your ale at room temp you are enjoying a refreshing brew just like our forefathers would have.

My cellar is about 54-56 for most of the winter, and I love my british style ales (and even hoppy american beers) served at that temp. I prefer them that way to being in the kegerator (usually about 38F) with CO2 on them all the time.

Yes without a doubt (for most homebrews of mine) as the flavors and aromas are so much more prevalent as they warm.

Depends on the brew. I like my maltier beers (porters, stouts, dubbels) at room temp but I like my lighter beers (APA, some IPA, Wit) a little cold.

I serve all of my beers ‘cool’ rather than ‘cold’…never lower than 50°F.
I recognize that everyone has different tastes, but serving an IPA colder than 55°F is a waste and the too-cold temp pretty much ruins it for me…all the great hop nuances (not to mention the malt balance that should be present in a good, proper IPA) get utterly lost when served too cold.

But of course, to each his own…

I have my Chinook IPA’s in my basement which is sitting around 60 degrees and they taste better at that temp then they do if I put them in the fridge to chill before drinking. Cold temps = less carbonation released = less aroma = less taste.

I am with the depends on the style crowd. Some of the darker ones definitely are better at warmer but “cool” temps. The lighter ones are nice cold on a hot day but not freezing to the point where your taste buds are numb. This is why Coors light is advertized as being good so cold so you can’t taste how bad it is :wink:

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