Rookie Mistate

Brewed a batch of IPA yesterday and everything seemed to go fine. I think I over filled my fermentor about an 2 inches above 5 gal. This morning I checked and blow-off was everywhere. Foam coming out of the blow-off tube every 1/10 sec. . My question is how much yeast I may have lost?

I used a yeast starter: Light DME with White Labs California Ale Yeast 1001. I pitched 800ml of starter.

*****What a mess!!!

Theres still plenty of yeast in your beer. If you want to clean it up, grab a $0.79 spray bottle and mix up a small batch of star san. Wipe the yeasty gunk away, spot-sanitize everything (on the outside), and let those yeast go on with their orgyfeast.

What you need to do is install a blow off tube into a bucket of sanitizer. What size fermenter are you using? I like to use a 6.5 gallon one to avoid this. Anyhow I have used many 6 gallon ones and used the blow off tube as needed. The only thing you tend to loose is some yeast but mostly wort/beer. On a positive you have a nice strong fermentation!

What you really need to do is check your temperature which is what I’m guessing is the main culprit here. Maybe not, but that’s the first thing that came to my mind. I haven’t had a blowoff since I started pitching right at the bottom of the recommended yeast guidelines.

Dang, You may be right… I chilled with wort chiller to 90 and then into 3 gal of cold water and aerorated it. I don’t remember if I took a temp reading right before the yeast was pitched.

Nothing like being a 60 year old rookie!!

My wife said there’s more to life than that beer. I said “oh, What?” She just shook her head!!

Rookie mistake?
You owe me a $. :stuck_out_tongue: