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Rookie Mistake - Fizz Drops now?


Well, I had bottled a couple cases of a NB Cream Ale. Waited a week or two and no carbonation. Waited longer, still nothing. Been a couple months now… nil.

My question. It would appear I may have not put in the priming sugar. Would opening the bottles and putting a fizz drop in each bottle possibly save me?


MAY have forgotten to prime? Yes, I guess that’s the case after a couple months. Unless you killed the yeast by pasteurizing or something.
I haven’t ever used those fizz drops, but I agree that’s probably your only option to save this batch. Unless you can give to someone to keg it for you.
Good luck!

Try one, if it still tastes ok you can prob use the drops. You might have to dump a little out of each so you still have space in the bottle. I would try it with one or two before all of them.

As the batch is bottled, it is easy to test one or two bottles and see what works. Definitely try adding priming tabs or drops or whatever they call them now. As it has only been a couple months since you bottled, there is probably still plenty of yeast present to consume the priming sugar.

By the way, are you sure you sealed the caps tightly? Gas leaking past the caps is another possible source of flat bottles.

Maybe this is a situation for those prime dose pills that NB has been hawking?

I get a royalty on every Rookie mistake. :wink:

Well, unless I inadvertently pasteurized (not sure of that process, just figuring it takes heating), I’m counting that out.

So, I’ll get me some fizz drops and go for it.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll post if successful.


I almost did that same thing with the small batch of Dead Ringer I bottled last week. I had 'em all capped when I realized I forgot the priming sugar! Doh! I had just exactly the right number of extra caps on hand, thank god!

Yup done that too. Lucky for me it was after I started kegging so it was only a six pack. Uncapped, dropped a priming tab in and recapped.
Popped one of those open last weekend and all is well!

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