Rookie looking for advice

Hello All! This is my first post of many! This forum is awesome for info. I’m a rookie brewer only doing about 15 partial boil extracts to date. They taste pretty good, but i’m itchin’ to advance soon. Been thinking about moving to the garage with a burner & trying full boil extracts. Do you guys think that’s a good idea, or should i save my pennies for awhile & go right to all grain? Are full boils a big improvement or not so much? Just looking for imput from you seasoned vets out there! Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Going to full boils is the first step towards AG, all you need is from there is a cooler to convert to a mash tun. If you have an old cooler laying around you can convert it for next to nothing. Here’s probably one of the most popular AG methods:

Full boils are definitely worth it and as has been said just before me, it is needed for the next step
to AG so you will not drop extra $$ that you will not need eventually.

With that being said, as soon as you go to AG, you will ask yourself, why didn’t I do this sooner?

I noticed your location and depending which side of the county you are located I would suggest taking the NB all grain class. I took the class and they offer discount on allgrain equipment if you choose to make the leap to allgrain. If you also have TW cable check out channel 411, there is a series of videos with Jeremy King that are pretty informative.

Thanks for info. guys! I’m near Sullivan,WI so i think it would be worthwhile going to NB for a class. Definitely alot to learn-can’t wait!! Thanks again.

Full boils are a good step forward from where you are, and as others have said they are a nessasary step for AG, so if you are planning to go that route, it would be fine for you to move to full boils early. Don’t forget, that with a full boil you also need to make sure you have a way to cool the wort. A sink of cold water doesn’t work so well once the volumes get bigger.

But … if the main purpose of going to a full boil is to improve the quality of your beer, you may be disapointed. You will get better beer, with better control over the hop bitterness and lighter colors, but the difference won’t be night and day. Getting exact temperature control of your fermentations on the otherhand will amaze you.